Do you know where the oldest ancient document of manuscripts of Herodotus is?

Ask from Iran.  Manoochehr Arian


Could the simple man in Greek (Yuvana) wrote the story in 700 pages in stone or papyrus?! Did he have enough money for that papyrus or stone, 2500 years ago like king Hammurapi and king Dariush?!

     If we search Hammurabi in Google we find:
1140 images   92200 web pages and for Herodotus we have:
2750 images 168000 web pages in Google!
At the first page of Google search we see:
Hammurbi writing stone (document) and the font of those manuscripts.
"Hammurapi writing stone (law) was found in Shosh (1901) in Iran and it was stolen to Lover with Demorgan the pirate?! It was written 3300 years ago."
But in the first page of Herodotus we can not see the stone writing of Herodoti and his manuscripts font?!
We can see there only new painting and new bust for him?!
So:  Do you know where the oldest writing of Herodotus, in which library is ?! Do you see that? Is that written on stone or clay or papyrus or paper, and when, and with which fonts? Can you show me photo of that old writing?

     In cinema, Superman said SHEZEM, goes to the moon after one minute, and brings his girl friend! He does every thing he wants! Simple people like to see films, like these films!
Somebody sit in his room and write many stories like Superman! Why?
Why simple people believe that?! Why they go to these cinemas?! Why they read these books?! Why the people believe, lie and like unbelievable stories?!
Why our parents, teachers and politicians make us, as they like? And when we will become parents, do we become like them in every country?!
When do we really want to grow, Writers and readers?! Parents and children?!

What is the different between lie and truth, Politic and science?

When did paper received in Yuvana and Europe?!


 Thanks for your helping.
Best regards
      Manoochehr Arian



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