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  Whose, Burning books and killing scientists!     

                                             In Old Iranian (Parsiyan) writing, wrote: 

  1. <. Alexander in Estakhr (Persepolis) burn 12000 cow skin from our Avesta book> (= In Nameh Tansar with old writing to Avesta character)

  2. Masoodi also told: < that Avesta books written on 12000 cow skin.>

  3. < Devil misleads roman Alexander that lived in Egypt that comes to Iranshahr with oppression and fight and heavy loss. Kill king of Iran and destroyed disturbed kingdom and all books Avesta and Zand, placed on trimmed cow skins, written by gold written, and was in the library in persepolis; devil, inwardly bad, malicious Alexander burning, destroyed and kills wiser, scientists, scholarly, sage, learned, wise, chief, magnanimous, judge, priest, and he broke and go to hell.> (Written in Ardaviraf-nameh with old writing to Avesta character.)

  4. Hamze Esfahani wrote:< When Alexander victory on Babylon  land and defeat its people, envy to their science that specific for them and none of the nations attain; and burn all books, then kill, learned, wise, chief, scientists, priest and  simple people, and all people that keeping science and   historical dates.>

  5. < Mongolian attacked destroyed everywhere and plunderer all things, and In Iran killed hundred thousands people savagely, many books and libraries burnt in fire. And for long time, baths warmed with burning books.>

  6. Vasaf: <Changiz (Mongol Genghis) order to kill all even fetus in mother stomach and also kill all quadrupeds .>

          Birooni Kharazmi in Asaralbaghiyeh told that:

  1. < Ghatibeh-Ebne Moslem to put all people to the sword who know Kharazmi writing and who knows Kharazmi news and teach this news and information between them, join to previous group>

  1. Birooni Kharazmi told that: < Ghatiben-Ebne Moslem to put writers, wiser, scientists,  to the sword, and all books and writing burnt and until time Kharazmi people be illiterate and only their confidence in history's and science  requirement is to mind power. >

  2. Ebne Khaldoon told that: < When Iran's book is available for Arab Sadebne Vaghas wrote a letter to Omarebne Khatab about books' translation. Omar wrote to him that put books on the water, which guidance on them, god guides us to more guidance in the Koran and if aberration is, god gets rid of it. Then put these books in water or fire and many Iranian science collected on those books, become extinct and don't available for us.>

  3. < unfortunately valuable store of mathematician's books before Islam extinct in different war in pillaging and firing and tribute, and whatever remain, extinct in time of Arabs attacked and Mongol pillage. Only see amidst the books is counted in finger and different treatises desultory, stone writing and petrographs that cause of surprise and thinking.>


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